backup project failure

Hi Guys sorry I did a search on this and found complicated responses if any.

I’m trying to backup my cubase project to a new location so that way i can continue to work in the new spot and record new files. For the life of me I cannot stop the new recordings from constantly placing themselves in the old cubase location which is driving me absolute nuts. Now I have 2 locations Which contain project audio. The new place which has all the copied audio files. Now I need to create a new backup which means there are now 3 places the files are scattered.

Please help.


Open Pool. Here you can see the Project Folder. Is there the old one?

I just checked on my side. The new folder is set in the Pool and recorded audio files are placed to the new one.

There is only one special case: If you right-click to a track and select Set Record Folder, so Cubase saves the data of this track to a specific folder… Then if you back-up the project, all already recorded data are stored in the newly selected folder, as expected. But the new recorded data is stored to this specific folder, I specified for this track. But I expect you would know, if you would use this specific Cubase feature.