Backup Project: missing audio files.

I’m backing up my library.

I backup a project, everything is succesful. Next time i load, I doesn’t say missing files, there just isn’t any data in certain audio events.

The region shows, with all the cuts, but there is no waveform. What is going on with that?

Its now becoming a real problem.

Is it possible that in the original project (before backup) you had clips that were referenced from outside the projects audio folder. In that case a Prepare Archive would have been necessary before Backup Project to ensure all referenced clips were contained it the correct project folder?

I always copy to project folder during import. And wouldn’t it say, missing files.

The files I can remember off the top of my head have all been recordings, and had been edited.

Interested to hear from anyone else who has experienced this.

Seriously… Is noone else experiencing this problem…

I can’t backup my projects, archive them…

It ridiculous

Try running the “Prepare Archive” function in the pool before you do the “Backup Project”.

“Prepare archive” is not necessary before “backup project”.

This is not the way the manual makes it sound - it states that: “Once you have performed Prepare Archive operation, you can use the “Backup Project” function to create a backup of the project file, containing copies of all necessary media files”

If you have no outside referenced files you should be fine without running the “Prepare Archive” function, but to be safe it probably should be done first before a backup. I believe this will solve his problem.

thanks for the reply.‘’

I always prepare archive and it still doesn’t work…Regarding recorded audio files, if I have cut or edited them, sometimes they wont show up, or maybe like .25 seconds of it and thats it…

im not minimizing audio files or anything…

Doing a full back up

I Seriously need to sort this out. I have a 1tb project drive and it 90%full. How can backup my projects and not have to worry that when I delete them off the hard drive I am going past the point of no return.

I started making a folder with my archived projects and 60% of them have missing audio files. It’s not in the sense the audio file is missing and I get a warning. (I know how to back up a project to be self containing)

The problem is the audio event/region is there but the is no waveform inside. I don’t get an error message or anything.

Can someone please she’d some light on this?

well, as HD space is still fairly cheap I’d say just copy your full working audio folders,warts and all. I don’t use backup very often, I have a NAS system and I copy my working projects to that every night, when I’m finished I just keep the project as it was complete with unused media etc. I might use backup if I’m burning to DVD’s etc.

Also backup just gives you one project file, I like to have access to all my incremental project files.

I’ve not had any trouble using backup though when I have used it.


Never had this, and I frequently use Backup Project.

When there is an empty audio region, what does the Pool tell you about the related audio file? Is it visible in the Pool? Is there a ? alongside it? in the original project, when you go back to it, what is the Path of the audio file which is missing in the backup?

I have the exact same proplem nowdays with Nuendo 11.0.41. What is causing audio files being deletet, does anybody know?

I too have missing audio (the synth sounds) but VST’s work fine.I locate them from the folder and past projects appear instead. It’s a mess. This is stuff I was working on just a few weeks ago and it is really annoying to have to re do it. It’s a sudden glitch…since November 2021 I would say. Any solutions greatly appreciated. The next step is to ditch Cubase because if it’s not going to save audio, it’s not worth the worry…and work.