Backup Project without 'thinning' is smaller than original!

When I use the File/Backup Project option to copy exactly my project into a totally folder the original folder according to Windows explore ‘properties’ has 5 folders 184 files GB2.6 but the new has 4 folders 129 files and 2.05 GB. The missing folder is an empty ‘Track Pictures’ folder so no problem and I think half of the gross file size is due to the fact that .bak files don’t get copied. I do have the preference set to bring any used files into the project pool - thouggh that shouldn’t make any difference to the size) I expected an exact copy since I didn’t select any of the backup options that reduce files. Does anyone know what other files are not copied? Many thanks


What exactly do you mean by “thinning”, please? There is no such a function.

Do you mean:

  • Minimize Audio Files
  • Remove Unused Files
  • Do Not Back up Video
  • Do Not Back up Mixdown Folder

For more details read in the manual here, please.

Hi Martin, sorry for the late reply. Yes I read the manual and wanted to make a full copy of the project so I did not select any of the options you list. I’d like to have confidence I am getting what I ask but the file size change is a bit alarming. I don’t want to have to compare all the files in the source and backup project but maybe I’ll have to once to get a handle on what’s happening. I just thought someone must have noticed this and have an explanation to save me the hassle. Appreciaste your help.