backup project

I always use a “start” catalogue when I run cubase. many times I just play around and nothing gets done. Sometimes though i record a masterpiece. Now I want to have thoose data in a new catalogue called “masterpiece”. > i choose backup project and choose dont erase unused files. When i close cubase and erase all the files in start ( i want to have that as ha clean catalogue) only some audiofiles are copied to the new catalouge. And opening up the project i cubase cant find the files. Cubase still searching for the start catalouge.
Is there a solution to this? I want a option for a complete copy of everything and erasing the files in the startup catalogue.

Or must I have a unique mapp everytime I run cubase?

I would say it’s bad practice to use just one project to put everything in then use backup project to sort out the mess!
I would always start a new project for new stuff. Still manually editing the cubse project file is asking for trouble.

But assuming you haven’t deleted anything, backup project should work. Sounds like you doing something wrong?

Use Projects just as you would analogue tape. Fresh one for each session.
I do have a few that I use for scratching arrangements out for songwriting for those ideas I get when I have some time but I’ll move that to a new Project if it starts developing it’s own life.

You have to sit down and work out an archiving strategy. Spend a half hour at least on it and then it’s done for life and saves years hunting stuff down.
Write a little chart for yourself on paper or print out hard copy to keep for those “How did I…?” moments.

I’ve not used the built-in backup facility, I just prefer to clone the project folder and rename it. But then I also make sure I never keep anything outside the project folder, and I generally start from a blank canvas. If I have two projects mixed up then I’ll clone the folder and delete things I don’t want semi-manually.

Indeed, spend some time working out the backup/archive permutations, and then note it all down. I very often type useful things into a big text file which I keep handy. I can quickly search the file for a reminder of how I did things then. Even better, write a blog and then other people can find your hard gained knowledge online! Not that I do this myself :blush: But then I try to provide helpful tips here :smiley:


Thanks guys!
I still think cubase should have a “scratch” catalouge. When it gets serious simple moving it to a specifik folder.
But no big issue.

I would make a template , load all the Vsti/s effx etc i want n normally use , always open that template , save it to a new folder n get started.
master backup make a template load all the vsti/s mixer channels effx etc switched off , always load this template , save it to a seperate file n load every thing related to the song including presets , tones ,streamed mixed down audio file , a small note pad of info etc everything inside that folder . back up 2 times on rewritable crdw dvdrw , + major backup on blue ray rw media once a week . also if creative good song export to pendrive , n make audio / mp3 backup on cdrw , copy to master cdrw all songs format after verifying / playing songs on external mp3 player , reuse cdrw for transfers again + book hard copy backup n 1 cardboard file per song. make lock up drawer near pc, store S