Backup Projects folder over 3 gig

Good day!

I noticed I have over 579 folders and 4,521 Dorico files in my Backup Project folder and it’s taking up over 3.31 GB. It looks like there are numerous copies (up to 10 ) of every file I ever opened in Dorico.

I would like to reclaim some disk space. Can these folders and Dorico files be deleted? Or is this not recommended?

Many thanks.

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Yes, you can certainly delete those folders and reclaim some space. Dorico doesn’t rely on the files in the Backup Projects folder at all: they are purely there for your convenience and peace of mind. If you want Dorico to keep fewer backups in future there are options for this in Preferences.

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came here to ask the same question. glad to know it is a directory that can be cleared from time to time. I have all the files within the Backup Projects directory backed up externally, but like OP was looking to optimize the local disk. Thanks!