Backwards compability

I was just curious as to how will it work if I send my Cubase 10 project to someone that is on Cubase Artist 9? Would he get the automation etc and would it even work, to begin with? The project ain’t big and should be well within the limitations of the Artist edition of Cubase. am I better off just to prepare wave files and send that straight away?

Did anyone try this?

you will have to take in to account the differences between what is installed on unit A versus unit B.

the data on the tracks is the same for every version of cubase so yes it will work. In fact that data is the same for any DAW.
Automation, cc’s, note data, sys ex, and so on, they will be recognized and played back on any system.

but the question you should make for yourself is what is the difference between the two systems.

e.g. one is elements, and another is the full version. You use effects that are not included with the elements version. The system with the elements version will simply not be able to load the effect since it is not present on the system. But will it run ? yeah sure, but without the effect. It plays the data with the resources it has. The data that can’t be delivered will simply have no result.

e.g. you use synths that are installed on system A but not on system B. System B will play the data, but if it can not find the synth it will put an error message on the track inspector that it is “missing” the instrument.

e.g. you have one hell of a automation made on a drum track in GA5 in c10 but you want to upload it on a system with a cubase version that has only GA1. Same thing. Missing instrument. You will have to “replace” the vst with something that is present on system B, but it will play the data from the tracks in the same way it was made on c10. And if it can reproduce the automation, it will do so.

hope this helps a bit.

kind regards

great, thanks for the input!