bacth regions to SAMPLER


using PT it was very easy to create multiple regions and batch them out in a folder to import them in a sampler. i still can’t figure out how to do this with cubase. here is what i need :

i have one track (mono or not).
i record an audio let’s say 5 min of percussion
then i edit this 5 min track to get multiple regions all starting at the begining of a sample.
i add to these regions fades in out because it’s easier to edit those in cubase better then kontakt (!)
now i want to export al the regions and to get as many audio files as there are regions on my track with the fades (!)

never found the way to do this.
i tried after editing regions and fades to … create new version, bounce selection blabla … all i get is one single big file or the best i did is via OMF export i got seperated audio files corresponding to the regions but WITHOUT the fades !

please one of you gimie THE trick ! :question:

do … do i understand i’m alone to need this feature ?
do i have to get that protools again?

Thinking on my feet here.

If the wave file is the only thing in the pool to make things less confusing.

Could you do a Freeze Edits, then every file in the pool except the original wave file, should be what your after? (maybe)

thx for the idea :wink:
well unfortunatly the onluy edits i want to freeze are the fades.
but you can only freeze the plugins (or maybe i missed something

i select my track / cut the different regions / create real copys / select all regions / apply fades in-out / but then i don’t know what to do. the freeze edit option is unavailable. :confused:

I was thinking Freeze Edits from the Audio Menu, then select New File from the dialogue box.

So… select track/cut track/do fades/freeze edits.

Not tried it but if the freeze edits is grayed out you could maybe apply a non invasive process then freeze edits.

mm good idea but that’s not it :stuck_out_tongue:
if i create a ghost edit like gain -0.1 (cause if you select 0cb then you can’t freeze edits)
then create fades and freeze …it creates new regions but the fades are not frozen (you can still change them)

i can’t imagine there’s no way to do this.

Ok, instead of using Event based fades use Clip based fades.

Select all your clips with the range tool, and use the Fade in/out process of the Audio Menu sub menu, these are applied to the clip, then do the freeze edit trick.

ok, here we go:

  • use “Strip Silence” or manual cutting to make seperate regions. (you have done that)
  • in the pool (!) now you found an additional “+” next to the WAV. open up these “+”!
  • here you see a list with all cutted regions (incl. start/end point)
  • only now (!) you see an additional dialog by right clicking: “Audio > Selection As File”!
  • select all cutted regions, and… save to an other folder (free choice)
  • that´s it!
  • use this samples in your sampler.

BTW: I use this a lot to produce my own samples (mostly drums etc.)

hope this helps.


another “official trick” for fast drum samples directly from regions:

  • cut your audiofile as you want, or use strip silence (e.g.)
  • open VSTi Groove Agent One (of course, Instrument track, or F11VSTiRack+Midi track)
  • select all desired regions.
  • drag/drop these regions on one pad of the GA1 (GA1 automatically distributes it)
  • play!


hi centralmusic :wink:
good to know it’s possible … i have huge sessions of drums to sample and never did it for month because of this.
but … :unamused:
for the moment i don’t get that “+”
i did both “manual cut” or “strip silence”
but in the pool i still have one single file and no + (tried to convert to real copy … no+)
am i missing somthing ? :question:

i tried the groove agent stuff but it is for KONTAKT so i really need to get the first technique to work :slight_smile:

ok i did the “BOUNCE SELECTION” that i see in this sub menu and yes it creates as many files as i have regions…
BUT :frowning: the fade edits are not frozen in these new wave files.
so it is the same result as diong a OMF export for exemple.
when i create samples i want to edit those fades in cubase so i get no clics … because kontakt is really difficult to edit :stuck_out_tongue:

What about trying what I said with the audio menu clip based fades?

sorry split …
i tried this but something strange or maybe i do somehting wrong.
i have my clips, i select the range tool and overlight all the clips.
then i go fades (audio sub menu) and apply a fade in but only the first clip gets the fade. not the rest.
and this fade technic is not very accurate as you can’t zoom in.

i thought of doing the fades with the “handles” then bounce the entire track to freeze them (:p) and redoo a detect silence to isolate the clips and batch them with the “centralmusic” technic.
but sure this not as great as the protools export batch.
i really have to reinstal protools i guess :stuck_out_tongue: i still have that old digi1 here :smiley:

Ah… Ok cool

I had not tried any of this as I was just thinking it through.

On rereading the manual it would seem that it is possible to use the fade in (sub menu) on multiple clips by selecting them all (not the range tool) and by setting the fade length.

The range tool is for single clip fades and would set the length of the fade.


  • after cutting regions, select all, and use function “Audio> convert files into separate” - in this case, this function rendered all fades (!) and volume adjustments (infoline/region handles etc.) in a new one.
  • next, as described above.

that must be help, I think.

erm… than you can forget PT totally. :wink:

Killer :stuck_out_tongue:

…i must look like a nooby but i don’t see that “convert files as seperate” in audio menu or pool…
am i having the same cubase english translation as you ? 6.0.2 (?) this is crazy

Oh, sorry, at the moment I´ve worked with another DAW.
Hm. I think, in Cubase it was anything like “Audio> Bounce” Selection" (?)
I will check it (P.S.: my system is C5.53, but it should be the same dialog)

As bounce selection does not do what you want have you tried my latest suggestion?

I’m following this thread with interest.

I’d like to take it ever so slightly off topic. Let’s say I work this out using a vocal track with all my phrases sampled and faded.

Is there a way to tie the samples to a midi track based upon the original audio file?

You know, preserve the quantize/ timing intervals of the original performance … but be able to speed it up or slow it down with a midi file and keep them all in sync.