Bad Cubase video and Nuendo crashes after Cubase update to 9.0.30 version

After update Cubase to 9.0.30 version, i have glitches in video.
Any MP4 video now dont playback good.

Also, after that update, my Nuendo 7 crashes!?!?

When i start Nuendo, my computer initialise everything, and just shut down itself?!?

Now i have Cubase with bad MP4 video reproduction, and crashed Nuendo 7?!?

Whats going on?


Cubase 9.0.30 uses the new Video Engine. So there was a big change. Maybe the codec you are using doesn’t fit to this new video engine very well.

Regarding the Nuendo crash, can you send a crashlog, please?

Hi Martin, tnx for answering…

Im fix the Nuendo, one plug was problem after update Cubase.

About video in Cubase.

I work a lot music for commercial and TV, and everybody send me for years QT and MP4 and newer have any problem before…
Everybody use MP4, its become a standard.

Is it a possible that Steinberg dont know or dont care about that?


I’m pretty sure Steinberg knows.