Bad experience after upgrading to Cubase 11.0.10

Very bad experience after upgrading to Cubase 11.0.10. The projects I worked on in the new version of Cubase 11.0.10 cannot be opened later. Everything crashed. I reinstalled Cubase. Nothing helps. When I open a project from the previous version of Cubase 11, the size of the project is 300MB. After saving under a new name (no changes) in Cubase 11.0.10, it has a size of 2.5GB !!! And after closing it can’t be opened. It’s crazy. I have to send crash files to support, but I can’t find an email for real support anywhere.

hi Roman (and welcome to the forum)

you attach the .dmp files here - you will need to zip them up first

I also now see in my projects folders, .cpr and .bak files with a size of 250+ mb

I just found out that after today’s upgrade in Cubase 10.5 projects, Cubase “maximizer” plugins and the new “imager” plugin do not work. Two days wasted. And I don’t know what else will not work. Can you send a link to the first version of Cubase 11? I lose my nerve during this modification. I’ve been trying everything since this morning. What I open everything is wrong or crash.