Bad idea or OK? "Dump" GA/Loopmash to save resources ...

Hi - There are some parts of Cubase I don’t plan on using except very rarely if ever. This would include Groove Agent, the synths, Loopmash, etc.

I’m guessing I could save some resources, and potential problems, if I somehow had Cubase not load them up, or “forget” they were there in some fashion.

My question is whether that is a good idea, and how hard it would be to undo that later if I wanted to. I’m pretty sure I won’t want to do this if it involves loading up Cubase from scratch, but I thought I’d just ask to see what it might involve.


The Synths don’t require a lot of space, but you should be able to take the Plugin folders and Sample folders (which may use a lot of space) and remove/backup these to an ext. drive, emptying the same folders on your program drive.

In terms of “resources” other than drivespace, I don’t think you’re really saving all that much - I wouldn’t bother

OK, thx BriHar, will keep that in mind.

and you can disable them in the plugin manager so that you do not see them.
But i agree that it is only a question of gaining some mbtyes on a harddrive if you do not avtivate them in the rack.

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