Bad Input

I have a work that’s in the key of D-flat Major and modulates to D Major. The D-flat portion of the work is excellent; however, when I start inputting in the D Major portion of the work, notes are not entering correctly. For example, when I play a D, I get an E Double-Flat or play a G I get an A Double-Flat. How do I fix this???

Are you sure you added the D major key signature before entering the notes? Sounds like Dorico thinks you’re still in D-flat.

I started out with 9 blank measures. In measure 1 I set the key signature to 5 flats (D flat Major). When I got to measure 9 I set the key signature to D Major. Is this the wrong way to do this???

Can you post the project file here, please? You have to zip it first.

Here U Go.
Power In The Name Of Jesus (Alvin Slaughter).zip (421 KB)

I can’t explain why this is happening, but if you select the measure in question, then hit “alt” + “-” (alt and the minus symbol) it will respell the measure correctly. I did that with your file, and then continued input: it now will read as D major, and not E double-flat major. For some reason, it needed that reset - doesn’t seem like the right behavior, but quick enough to fix.

Hope that helps.

Thanks! Maybe I unearthed a bug?

I can’t replicate it, I’m afraid - if I delete the existing notes in the bar 9, then play them in again, Dorico correctly spells them in D major. Is there a possibility that you inputted bar 9’s notes before adding the D major key signature? If so, Dorico’s behaving as designed.

I tried that. It works; however, it was somewhat quirky. I found another workaround. Open up another file in the key of D major; do my recording there and copy/paste the measures into the original file.

This is happening in version

Sorry, the alt± does work. I forgot to select All measures.

I take that back. I will have to use plan B.

Yeah! Sorry, the alt± does work. I forgot to select All measures.

In this new digital world of developing music I have to use both left and the right side of my brain. :astonished: