Bad Marketing

Cubase owners, rejoice. At least Steinberg takes a reasonable amount of time to push a DotZero release that hasn’t been dumbed-down out the door and market it as “Pro”. That’s what Apple just did with FinalCut Pro X. The professional community is so pi$$ed off that it attracted the attention of the Conan O’Brien show.

Apple should have marketed this as Final Cut Lite or iMovie Pro and probably would have been spared the unbelievable bad press they are getting.
…just sayin’.

The video has been removed :frowning:

yes, its gone… darn it, would loved to have seen that for a laugh…

I’ve read others saying its pretty much iMovie on steroids. And it is crazy for everyone else as they market it as ‘Pro’ yet sell it so cheaply - Motion and Compressor an extra $50 a pop each…!! I mean, they’re just about giving this stuff away - are they that desperate to win people over/gain market share…?

Their software strategy is changing radically.

FCX has been unbundled from motion and compressor, and soundtrack, and all the apps are being sold separately via the app store. Yes you could see it as ‘dumbing down’

But think about the upside for them. No more DVD distros to have to manage, acres of warehouse they don’t need, no cardboard boxes to buy, no shelf space in the Apple store to take up, lots of logistics spend they save on.

I work in an industry where we rely on getting ‘stuff’ into millions of people’s hands, and I suspect you might be shocked how much the raw logistics actually costs.

You can accuse Apple of many things but lack of business acumen is not one of them.

They know their market pretty well, and will definitely have done the sums.

I suspect a Logic Pro X will be announced soon, unbundled from Mainstage, Waveburner, Soundtrack and compressor. I expect I’ll still be able to record an album on it :wink:

Go here to view the video:

As to the complaints…none of it has been directed at the downloadable delivery system in place. The bulk of the criticism has to do with professional film editing features and workflow.

They know their market pretty well, and will definitely have done the sums.

I think they may have missed the mark on this one. Nobody bats a thousand, as they say.

Aloha guys,

Weasel is right. Apple could have handled the ‘roll-out’ much better.


As Alex lindsay says:
“Apple Inc. (no longer Apple Computer) is a 90/90 company now”.

That is,
What do 90 percent of the people want 90 percent of the time?

This, IMHO is the Mc-e-dees business approach. And they still
(after all these years) make much $$. Who’d a thunk it?

The few real video pros will go back to Avid/Premiere etc.
These are excellent apps but not a lot of money in them for Apple.
Great opportunity for Adobe tho’.

I think Steve Jobs takes frequent trips into the future and then
comes back and gives us stuff. :slight_smile:

My Canadian sources have been telling me about
some new up-coming device from Apple called:
‘The Friend’ or ‘iFriend’

This thing is supposedly going to change the planet once again.

Total vox communication and total connection to ANY device (within 100’)
that emits an EMP. (Electro-magnetic pulse)
Printers/hardrives/cameras/audio consoles etc. ANYTHING!!

‘What a wonderful world this will be.
What a glorious time to be free’ (I.G.Y)

Maybe interesting:

You have to take take Pogue’s initial NYT article with a grain of salt. He was subsequentally slammed by the pro community and backpedaled in follow ups.

Of interest: Apple has decided to break their “no refunds from the AppleStore policy” and has quietly begun to issue refunds to anyone unsatisfied with their FCPX purchase.