Bad MIDI Editor Behavior

In Cubase 7.03: I am in the MIDI Editor and clicking on MIDI notes no longer makes a sound. Same for a Keyboard Synth and Drum Samples. No other problems with Cubase. Very Distressing.

So most likely I just hit ctrl-alt-shift~ or like that by mistake and I don’t know how to switch it back.

Does anyone understand this?

Aloha j,

When this happens to me,
I clik the lil ‘Acoustic Feedback’ button (In the 'Key Editor)
and my sound comes back.

For me this button is located in the upper left corner of the edit window
to the right of the ‘Solo Edit’ button button.


HTH (hope this helps)


I was pretty sure it was my vast ignorance of Cubase.

Thank you very much.