Bad touchscreen behaviour

It was bad in Cubase 7.5 , but now it is even worser …it is so frustrating , dont want to describe the details … and it could be so fantastic ! Still hoping tini

Can you please elaborate on the problems you’re finding? I’m currently on a 15" touchscreen with 7.5 and haven’t found issues other than that the UI is not designed for touch, with some buttons just a bit too small and tightly packed for my big fingertips. Mixer faders are the most important thing and they’re fine. I’m planning to upgrade to CP8 and add a 24" touchscreen to my laptop and 3 CMC setup, I’d like to hear what problems you’ve found. Thanks.

Hi bvx ! As i looked at youe equipment , i see , that you mostly deal with recorded audio . If it is so , the problems i ment maybe dont touch you , cause i mostly compose with virtual instruments . So i would like to trigger and record midi-notes for instruments and drums with my fingers , but if you try this in the pianoroll of a midi track or a virtual drumpad of a drum VST instrument , you will realize , that the trigger dont happens , when you touch the screen , but when you lift the finger from the screen ( cubase 7.5) Now , in cubase 8 ,it is worser than before , every third touch or so triggers ! tini

OK, thanks tini. It sounds like you should try an external controller like the CMC-PD or something similar. They’ll be more responsive and velocity-sensitive too. In the US anyway, a new -PD can be found for $50 since they have been discontinued. So far, I am very pleased with the three CMC units that I have.

thanks for the hints , bvx , but i got a alesis controlpad with 8 drumpads for playing with sticks and my edirol pcr500 keyboard also have 16 finger pads . But in the flow of creating music it is SOMETIMES too complicated to define
midi channel , midi note etc.And in the pianoroll of a midi track you have over 80 fields or in battery from NI sometimes over 60 soumds - the fastest way to check them all and to chose one is on the screen . tini