Baffled by Persistent Duplicate Time Signature

In my current project, I have a single time signature (4/4) at the top. However, Dorico shows a “hidden” time signature, 4/4, in measure 2. I want to delete the redundant one especially because it screws up rest measure consolidation. Instead of some parts showing, for example, 8 bars of rest consolidated into one, they show a single bar rest (measure 1, and then a 7-bar rest for (2-8).

However, when I delete the “flag” for that hidden time signature, or make the time signature visible and delete the actual time signature, Dorico deletes it, then thinks for another few seconds, and puts it back. Every time.

If there is some hidden feature or parameter I am getting trapped on out of ignorance, I’d like to know. If this seems strange to you, as well, then I’m reporting unexpected behavior. Thanks.

Steve Johnson
Redwood City, California.

Is the first bar a partial pickup bar, by chance?

The easiest way to diagnose this sort of thing is to attach the score, otherwise we are just guessing.

Since time signatures in Dorico are actually a property of bar lines, I wonder if you have somehow created a “special” bar line - e.g. for some reason you created a bar line which looks like the ones automatically generated from the time signature, but is actually a manual override.

Try deleting the time signatures in both measure 1 and measure 2, and then re-create the one at the start of the score.

If Rob’s correct, it may be that you need to select and delete the barline at the start of bar 2, as opposed to the hidden time signature.

Thanks for the counsel. Deleting the initial time signature and the second one was what cured it.