Baffled Purchaser of Cubase Pro 12

Hey all - is it just me or did I just purchase Cubase 12 Pro upgrade and they only send you a receipt for taking your money and don’t give you an access code? I find this really odd. I tried the online chat help, waited forever and they gaffed me off to asknet… uggghh

Did you log into the asknet account? Until the license is activated it’s they who support

Hey Steve, unable to login there - Here’s what it said: You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.

In the receipt email, there is also an access code.
The access code is minted by the contractor Steinberg uses to charge credit cards, and can then be used to “activate” products for download in Steinberg download manager.

So, you should look for the code in your email, then open up the steinberg download/license/software manager, log in to your Steinberg account there, and plug in the code you got in the email. That will unlock software as purchased.

Before you unlock the software, though, you can still use it in trial mode, so you should be able to be making music right now, even if something about that process has problems with your network setup or whatever.


Hey Jwatte - thanks for helping out… Here’s my email that I got from Steinberg:
Please note that this invoice will only be sent electronically. A printed invoice will no longer be provided.

Dear Mrs/Mr VirgilGuitars

Thank you for your order in the Steinberg Online Shop. We would like to offer you the opportunity to view/save your Invoice as a PDF document.

In order to view or print out your invoice, you will need to download and install the free Adobe PDF Reader, that you can download at this URL:

If you have any questions regarding your attached invoice, please contact our Customer Service Center as follows:


With kind regards,

Steinberg Online Shop of living-c
living-c eCommerce Solutions Wolfgang Müller, Augustaanlage 32, D-68165 Mannheim, Germany
Managing Director: Wolfgang Müller

And my Invoice (in PDF format) looks like this: (see attached photo)

You’ll be happy to know that you can log into the Steinberg online store through the Steinberg website. In order to do this there’s a couple hoops you must jump through. First you must go through the process of a purchase, you will not have to complete the purchase but it will take you at least to the login page, once logged in back out of the purchase and you’ll still have access to your past purchases. Pass purchases have the access code in the attachments which you can use to activate your product. It’s a shame they don’t make it easier to log into the store without having to fake a purchase but it works.

Thanks for the tip, but I went to the store, it made me login (which was successful) but there was no where to back out into to see my past purchases.

OK, I got it… you know, I’m a former computer programmer/systems administrator and for this thing to be SO difficult really blows my mind… can you imagine the sales these guys are throwing out the window because of BS like this? I’m baffled really - such a GREAT software so FLIPPING hard to buy stuff from them!


It’s not Asknet, which I figured out after seeing the invoice you uploaded.

I’ll walk you through it. When you log in to the Steinberg online store, at the bottom of the page in the gray border you will see my account. Push the my account and it will take you to the page you need to access your orders. View orders and where it shows your products it also shows the activation code.

I got it and THANKS SO MUCH!!!

BTW, I was on the online chat with Steinberg support and they said it WAS an ASKNET problem.

Then they didn’t understand. The receipt is not from asknet, it’s from living-c. I guess it’s a new processor they have started to use.

Sounds like they’re trying to get their act together … I build guitars and I can go to and look up everything I’ve purchased from them and they have it super simple to use. We’re talking LOTS of parts, maybe Steinberg needs another plan for keeping things simple for the customers.


They have said that the new licensing system, Download Assistant and Library Manager will eventually run in some kind of unified interface.

That’ll be great, allow multiple computers to use all the programs purchased without a dongle. The main issue that I see is from living c not sending emails out for the purchases. For some reason, whether it’s going into a spam folder or they’re just not following up. It would be a lot less complicated if the online store was more accessible to simply log in and read digital invoices.

Had the same issue with Dorico. INSANE how complicated it is to get the info needed to download and authorize this software. THANKS to Steve for the detailed instructions as I NEVER would have found that!