Baffling problem: External FX on Muted Track Still Feeds Stereo Out

This is really baffling me! I set up an External FX in Audio Connections, with a Strymon blueSky pedal as the external effect (patching I/O cables through DI box and pedal). I then added this effect as an Insert on a guitar audio track. Cubase indicates 0 latency, but I am hearing a delay on playback. Here is the baffling part: when I mute the guitar audio track (with Strymon FX insert) and solo a different track (e.g., drum track) I can still hear the FX processed guitar signal coming through Stereo Out. How is this possible if the track that the external insert is on is muted. When I bypass the insert on the muted guitar track, the signal goes away. I’m perplexed. Any suggestions?

Direct monitoring is off and the input monitoring in the interface is set to 100% DAW?


Can you make a screenshot of the Mix Console of this track with Routing, Inserts, and Direct Routing opened?

My direct monitoring was off, but I played around with settings in the dspMixFX controller (my interface is a UR44C) and when I selected the S (solo) button on the DAW channel, the problem was resolved. In the default setting, the solo button was not selected. Still not sure I understand what is going on with the signal paths; it seems there is a DAW signal and an interface signal feeding Stereo out. Anyway, this was the solution. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply! All Routing and Direct Routing goes to Stereo Out and only External FX insert on one audio track. The solution as pointed out by st10ss was to mute the interface monitoring signal and solo the DAW signal in the controller.

That’s why there is a mixer in the interface.

If you need to record some instruments, you can hear the latency free input mixed with the playback from the DAW.