Band Camp crashes Internet explorer

I like listening to the music that people post on the Made with Cubase Forum but for some reason, with the Band Camp pages, Internet Explorer “stops working” quite often. It is not just when I try to play a song. It even does it when I try to navigate through the site. It doesn’t happen all the time but can be a pain. I am using WIndows 7 64 bit SP1 with the newest version of Internet Explorer. I am pretty conservative with the security settings so perhaps there is some script or cookie that the website is trying to use that is causing the problem. Anyone else seeing this?

Have you tried Firefox? I had to use Internet Explorer recently and was surprised how “sluggish” it was compared with Firefox. I know “sluggish” isn’t your problem but you can try Firefox alongside IE just to try it out.

Thanks for the advice. I may do that but probably not right away. So far it seems only to be the Band Camp websites that I have trouble on.

It works just fine for me in IE9 though. The only thing I noticed is that the bandcamp player shows not absolute progress but progress relative to how far te song has loaded which gives a really weird impression of how long a track is. Doesn’t matter though, and it could be like that in other browsers too.

What type of internet connection are you using?

I had a similar problem on my laptop with a new Verizon Pantech 4G USB Modem (UML290). Any time I would try to listen to audio on a website it would lock up my connection. Pandora radio or sample clips from Toontrack’s site, for example. Bandcamp also.

I had done an “in place” upgrade from Vista 64 to 7 64 about the same time (never again), so I don’t know if it was leftovers from the transition causing problems or something else.

The upgrade installation was driving me nuts anyway so I bought a full version and have a nice clean OS now on a fresh hard drive and none of the previous internet audio problems. Cubase 5.5.3 is also running nicely.

I installed the upgrade on my parents’ computer, so at least it didn’t go to waste. They have a hardwire connection and have not had any problems. Pretty much just an internet and e-mail machine, though.

The same device on my netbook never had any problems (Windows 7 Starter), also no problems on my main DAW machine. I know, DAW + Internet = BAAAAAAADDD!!! I had to try it, though.

So I never did figure out the exact thing causing the problem but it was specific to that machine. BTW, this was on both IE9 and Google Chrome so I don’t think it was browser related.

What were we talking about…I’m done rambling.

My internet connection is a public wireless netowrk and it is somewhat overloaded. It is the only thing available to me for the time being. I did recently upgrade from Vista 32 to Windows 7 64. The wireless card is an Intel WiFi Link 4965 AGN. The computer is several years old but, so far the only problems I have had are on Band Camp. Again, it is still usable, it just takes a couple tries sometimes. I would say it was just an overloaded network but I have seen plenty of that and I just get timeouts not an IE9 “stopped working”. I wonder if it has to do with high bit rate audio files.
Anyway, Thanks for the info.

Interesting, out of curiosity I tried that Pandora Radio site you mentioned and it crashed!

Could be an issue with Flash perhaps? Maybe it’s a problem with the browser plugin rather than the browser itself?

I fixed this problem by uninstalling Internet Explorer 9 and I am now back on IE8. No problems!