Forgive me for veering slightly off topic, but I wasn’t sure where else to turn.
I recently purchased Band-in-a-Box so I can demo some jazz tunes I’ve written. I’m sure it can do everything I want it to do, but every time I open it up my eyes glaze over and I quickly close the program without accomplishing anything.
When I began using Dorico, I found it very helpful to take a few lessons with Dan. I’m wondering if any of you know–or are–BIAB teachers who could help me get up to speed with the program.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi. I am not sure how much compatible Dorico is with BIAB: Dorico doesn’t sent tempo information (yet), and this might be compulsory to use BIAB…

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If it’s just tutorials on BIAB then PGMusic support page has a raft of tutorials:- PG Music - Support
I use BIAB so drop me a line if you need to know anything specific.


Yes, Biab at first sight is overwhelming.
They really should do a thorough remake.
De pgmusic website offer lots of tutorials as Tony mentioned.
Free up a morning and dive in , it’s also a fun program

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