Band of Brothers Theme W/ Video

It’s been 10 years since Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg brought us the magnificent Band Of Brothers miniseries on HBO. In light of this I, decided to recreate the title sequence here. I have not done Michael Kamen’s original score justice here but it has been a great learning experience trying. ENJOY

Black Light Recordings

Did you make this with Halion Sonic or what did you use?

I don’t know the original but you could have fooled me. Sounds awesome!
Do you have compositions of your own in this style?
Really, for my next album, which I start writing in a few months (first finish look at the world) I would want some orchestrations of that kind. I have GPO, bought that 5 years ago, but I cannot make a convincing orchestral part with that.; it’s nice to make score’s with that library but just for fun.

Greetz Dylan.


Glad you liked it. I do have some orignal work pieces up on my youtube channel. You can check them out here:

As for the libraries, I used LA Scoring Strings for the string parts. A great expressinve and playable string library. Then I used Vienna Instruments Special Edition for the woodwinds, and a combination of Wallender Instruments (WIVI) and Cinesamples Cinebrass for the brass. I am egarly awaiting my copy of Vienna Instruments Dimension Brass for some new projects I’m working on.

I have a didicated PC slaved to Cubase on my Mac Pro through Vienna Ensemble Pro (another great piece of software)

Thanks again for taking a listen and good luck with your orchestration.

My sugestion, if you’re looking to break into orchestration I would suggest taking a look at Vienna Instruments Special Edition to start and build up from there. Some people like EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold also. I get a btter sound out of VI though.