Bar/beat counter

A couple of questions - am on Dorcio 3.1 on Mac

  • On the bar/beat counter in top right, is there a way to have that default to time elapsed rather than bars/beats? I don’t see anything in Preferences about that, and if I change it to time elapsed, that setting doesn’t seem to get saved with my project.

  • The Noteperformer Window comes up in front every time I open my project. Any way to have that come up in the background? Also, in Preferences - Play, when I de-select “Open VST plugin windows”, the Noteperfomer window still comes up when I open a project?

Re: “content shown in the mini Transport”: There should be a Preference (on the Play page) for this - changing your preference doesn’t affect the current project, but it does affect all future projects. (I’m fairly sure the specific preference refers to the “mini Transport” but I’m away from Dorico and can’t remember the exact wording unfortunately.)

Ah thanks! One other question - on my Windows laptop, I recall I could select a Rehearsal Mark and do a forward arrow to go to the next Rehearsal Mark. That doesn’t seem to work on my Mac, so wondering if there’s a custom key command in Preferences I need to set to do that?

That shouldn’t be necessary, as it’s the default behavior. Is your Mac running at least version 3.0?

This behaviour was improved specifically in Dorico 3.1, so perhaps you’re still running Dorico 3.0.10 or 3.0 on your Mac.