Bar compression with 1:1 tuplets

I have a 7… spanning two bars ot 7/16, as per this image.


While this is technically correct I suppose, I would prefer the second bar be the same length as the first, as per this MS:

My colleague feels this gives the player a better sense of the duration in the context.

So, I can fake it with a voice of 7 x16 rests, which I then make transparent with an alpha channel value of zero. So that’s a workaournd, but what is the proper way to handle this?

Along this little journey I discovered that if you make a rest transparent if you have a dotted rest the dot does not take heed of the transparency, hence having to use 7 16 rests.

Have you tried using a note spacing change and putting it to 2 (known as the most proportional value for that edit)? The pause on the lower staff should make that whole section wider I suppose.
Don’t forget to put another note spacing change (resetting the chosen value in Layout options) after that specific section. I find working with those note spacing changes an extremely elegant and effective workflow.

Off topic: How do you handle centering the double-dotted crotchet rest in the bar?

Re centering: we don’t!