Bar Count & Custom Numbering

I’m thinking of a way to count and number the bars of specific portions of music within a flow in Write Mode, while also retaining the overall numbering flow-wide. This is to enable measuring both the sections and the entire flow independently from each other; and ideally the count would attach to a staff.
So far manually inserting text (maybe with a custom paragraph style) seems to work for something very simple like this:
It works, but of course, it’s text and it doesn’t auto update with editing. (Ideally, I would add the section number along with its bar number and have some kind of nesting, however this makes mistakes with manual updating a near certainty).
Can you think of anything else for me to try out to achieve this? Grateful for ideas. Many thanks.

How about a numbered bar region with a customized start count if needed?

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It’s a much better option than manually adding text.
Thank you!
Some quick experimentation leads me to think that perhaps allocating a single line staff just for this purpose might be better for legibility than applying these regions to regular staves with music:

One more question: the manual says the color would change when two regions are adjacent, but I am not seeing that. Could I somehow adjust the color of each section manually? That would be nearly equivalent to numbering the sections themselves and add a whole new layer of functionality for me.

The difference in colour between adjacent regions is subtle, but it should be there. You might see a stronger difference when you zoom out further, as the colour gets bolder the further zoomed out you are.

Region highlights are also not printed by default: it’s just a view option in Dorico. You can include that in printed/exported layouts, but that will also include any other view options currently shown, like signposts.

It might be my monitor or (most likely) my eyesight.
I don’t know how complicated it is to enable user-defined color changes for this shading and for the fonts but if it is possible, it would be very welcome indeed. Perhaps this could be a feature request?

Thanks again!