Bar lines exactly underneath each other


In my melody sheet, I have a single part with 4 bars in each system, but I can’t get all the bars/bar lines, or at least the middle bar lines, to run exactly underneath each other to create a nice overall picture. There is enough space in each bar to be streched or compressed. Is there a setting/option to adjust this for the entire layout?

Thanks for helping me out!

Can you show a screenshot of the page? Usually, engravers try NOT to make all the barlines fall in exactly the same places, as this makes it easier to read, and stops it looking like one big system.

You’ll only get identical bar line positions if the music has identical rhythms.

You can change the Custom Spacing Ratio in Layout Options to 2, meaning that 2 quarter notes will take twice the space of one halfnote (and so on). That way, the spacing will be the same, regardless of the rhythms. (Normally, two quarter notes take up more space than one halfnote.) However, you may still get very slight differences.

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Thank you for your quick response! I’ve got two screenshots here (one of the whole page and one of just the first 6 bars. It’s german by the way, so don’t be surprised).

I changed the Custom Spacing Ratio to 2, but it didn’t have the effect, that the (middle) bar lines where underneath each other. But thank you very much for your input!! Maybe it’s just not possible.!

I could just upload one screenshot. Here’s the second one.

It is possible with manual intervention (the settings that @benwiggy suggested + note spacing adjusting in engrave mode, where you can drag the points to have what you desire ), but as Ben suggested it is not desirable.

You are speaking of 4 bar per system but your example has 2 bars per system: can you clarify what you want at the end?

If you share your file (uploading it here) I can set it up for you and show what the possibilities are and the (probable) disadvantages that exist.

Please see this thread.