Bar lines layer

Hello, I am trying to hide half of a stave. Is there a chance to do so by adding a white-box graphic and layer it behind the bar lines? Thank you!

No, there is not presently any option to change the layering of graphics.

If you could show a picture of what you want to achieve, there’s likely another way to accomplish it.

Thank you for your response! This is what I want to achieve:

I would move that one Viola 2 measure to the previous system or, if spacing does not allow, loosen up the spacing on a few or several previous systems in order to fill the pictured system fully with the separate 1 & 2 staves. Then, start the combined unis. stave on the next system. I realize that in the context of the complete file which I cannot see, this may be unworkable.

Just in case that you are unaware: Dorico has a highly sophisticated divisi feature that will handle the underlying problem flawlessly, albeit it is not capable of rendering that particular example.

I bring this up because the solution that you request is actually not best practice and might be better approached with the more orthodox techniques (which Dorico will take off your hands nicely).

There are very few reasons to employ the approach in your screenshot, so unless you have a strict need to do it that way (for example, transcribing a particular manuscript), you might want to look into using a good old regular divisi here.

Hi Alexander, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. Yes, there’s a specific reason why I chose this particular notation on this page. I truly appreciate your response!

Hi, thanks so much for that! This is the solution I will probably settle for in the end. I would’ve loved to keep the original page break because of the context of the remaining orchestration. Hopefully, Dorico will introduce an empty-stave option as available in Sibelius. Thanks for your response and for sharing your thoughts!

I forgot to mention: Unfortunately, Dorico sometimes tends to omit certain ties, slurs, and dynamics in the condensed score. Even in this very specific example: