Bar Number Below a Non-Slash Region

Hi Folks!

I’m trying to add a bar number (4) below bar 78 in the drum set part (bottom) like in the piano and bass staves above. As you can tell from the color coding, the drum set region is not a slash region, unlike the other two. I had to break the region to add the cymbal roll. I offset the count to get the (8) in the right place. But I’m stumped on making this happen in a single bar that isn’t a slash region.

I tried creating a “numbered bar region” but, even though a region appeared, it didn’t take any settings, and it promptly disappeared after I clicked away.

How do I go about this?

Could you keep the single slash region, without the break, and show notes alongside instead to get the same result?

So in a lot of tutorials, folks suggest doing what I did originally (removing slashes and adding them manually). Showing notation worked really well though.

Is there a reason why I’d do one over the other?

Perhaps the people running those tutorials weren’t aware of the option to show notes alongside slash regions?

I guess the primary reason for using slash voices instead of slash regions is for rhythmic control: slash regions automatically show slashes and rhythm dots according to the time signature; slash voices allow you to notate slashes with any rhythm you like.

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