Bar number bug - dashed barlines

I need to have a 9/4 bar, with dashed barlines every 3 beats. The agregate time signature is not an option since it shows 3+3+3 which I don’t need.
So I add a dashed barline wherever I need to appear but this mess up really bad the bar numbers. As long as there is only one dashed barline per bar, no problems, but when two occurs, it creats an extra numbered bar and that change the entire bar numbers in the whole movement.

I tried to tick the “group first bar as pick-up” and it worked…until I saved the project, closed and open again. Here the strange behaviour : the begining of the bar goes down with one number, same as the bar before the time signature change.

Also I tried to create a bar number change after the second dashed line, then hide it in order to have the right bar order. Again, save, close, when I open up, the begining of bar has changed the bar number, it shows in the square bracket the bar number of the previous bar.

what should I do? I want to get rid of the square brackets and have the bar number order without alterations. Is there a better solution?

Here is an extract from the project where you can notice this one : the wrong bar number occurs at 6, where I didn’t change the bar number.

George Enescu - Simfonia 3 3.9 (final) - I.1.dorico (4.0 MB)

You can use the agregated time signature hide it and enter a “fake” 9/4 as text with musGlyphs?

yes, not a bad idea. But it will take so much time to adjust graphically in each part, right?

If you don’t avoid collisions every text item should have the same distance to the staff, so you can

a) adjust the signature in the top staff and “duplicate to staff below”
b) select the bar, filter text, go to engrave mode and move them together.

Oh sorry… yes the parts :smiley: but if you set the properties to global it should work?