Bar number discrepancy between Write and Play mode

Somehow I’ve managed to create a bar number discrepancy between Write and Play modes.
I created a pickup bar which, in Write mode, shows correctly as bar 0 with the first full bar of music as bar 1.
In Play Mode the pickup bar has no number showing and the first full bar of music shows as 0. See screenshot.

I haven’t created any Local Time Signatures.

How do I fix this?

Try deleting the “0” above the start of the system – that may reset the numbering correctly (it looks like a manual bar number change was inserted).

Thanks, dwlarson. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I deleted the actual pickup bar and Write/Play were properly aligned again - even after a manual bar number change.

I remade the pickup bar according to the tutorial video instructions and the problem returned.

Not sure, but this seems like a bug situation to me. If it is, it’s hard to believe it made it this far.

I can confirm this is a little bug in the display of bar numbers in the piano roll. Thanks for reporting it: we’ll make sure this gets fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.


Thank you very much.