Bar Number Listed is Incorrect

Hi everyone!

I haven’t seen this topic come up in past forum posts, but this has now happened a few times to me. Basically, the bar numbers listed at the start of each new system are getting off from the actual bar numbers. In the screenshot I have attached here, you can see that the rehearsal number (which is correct) says measure 169, but the small bar number says 171. This has also happened in some of the parts in this piece, but not all of them.

I am very confused and would appreciate any help!

Is your piece using different time signatures on different staves anywhere in the piece?

This is a good point-- I do have a couple of “extra” stave lines that are just one-line percussion instruments above each player for things such as speaking. In order to make these look like an extension of the same player, I had to put these extra instruments in open time signatures. Perhaps these are throwing off the measure numbers?

You can always re-align the Rehearsal Mark by changing its index property to 171… (any subsequent marks would update too).

Yeah, because rehearsal marks, being system objects, are more or less attached to the top stave in the score. In this case, that’s the “speaking” stave even when it’s not shown, and it counts the bars in that one. You could also make an explicit Bar Number Change at the end of that section to bring everything in line again.