Bar number problem

Sometimes I have problems with non-standard bar numbers from an MusicXML-Import. The attached pieces is from an Sibelius file, where unfortunately the composer took another file as a template, which had an pick-up bar. Non one noticed that the first bar number was set to zero, so you get wrong bar numbers. It would be very helpful, if Dorico would show a signpost or another hint, that there is a change in the bar number or even correct the error. In this case this error went into print, although a lot of people did look at it …

Test_Bar number.dorico (855.9 KB)

I see: At some point in the translation the first bar was interpreted as a “Don’t include” region rather than an explicit number 0. So there’s no signpost because there’s no number to hide. I can get a “0” signpost by selecting the meter and clicking “Hide bar number”. Then of course I can delete that. Tricky.