Bar number range under multi-bar rest in score

Has anyone run into this issue where if you turn on bar number ranges under multi-bar rests in a score the formatting and position of the bar number is not correct? See attached image.

I understand that multi-bar rests are not common in classical scores and may not be supported but it can come in very handy in film, pop-arrangements etc. Am I completely missing something?

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by not correct - do you mean that the numbers are a different size or weight to the parts?
The score uses a different font definition to the parts (Engrave mode : Engrave (Menu item) -Paragraph Styles. There are separate entries for bar number for parts and for score. You may have larger, bold numbers for the bar numbers above the score as would normally be the case, whereas in the parts you might have smaller numbers, and standard weight or italic.

Does that help?

Welcome back to the forum! I believe the reason for this is that the bar number ranges under multi-bar rests are drawn differently (i.e. as part of the multi-bar rest) than ‘regular’ bar numbers. The team is aware that some users would prefer bar number ranges on multi-bar rests follow the placement settings for regular bar numbers rather than appear under every multi-bar rest.

When in a pinch, I’ve chosen not to show bar number ranges in full scores and used staff text objects on the same staves that bar numbers appear above/below, formatted the text objects to match the regular bar numbers, and hidden those text objects in the attached parts (where obviously they’re not needed).

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Thanks Lillie for the explanation. To me it would make more sense to have the bar number ranges formatted and positioned according to their corresponding “Bar numbers (score)” or “Bar numbers (parts)” paragraph style.

Yes, this has been mentioned before and it’s on our list of things that we plan to address in future versions.

Great, thanks Daniel.