Bar numbering for repeated sections

Using Dorico 4.0.10. Is it just me or is bar numbering for repeated sections broken?

In Engraving Options > Bar Numbers, I have the option for “Count repeats” selected, but the bar numbers do not seem to reflect this. Am I missing something?

It seems to be working for me. Can you post a small file showing the problem?

Here is the file.

Bar 17 should actually be bar 24 if repeats are being counted, but that function does not seem to work for me.
Bar number problem.dorico (1.6 MB)

When I started a new project with 2 guitars and then copied and pasted the content from the original, the bar numbering behaved as it should.

Do you have repeat playback activated in playback options? I know it can have an effect on the notation, for example showing the „repeat n-times“ text or not.

In Playback Options, click on Reset to Factory, make sure Play repeats is checked, then Apply.

This was exactly the problem.

I see no logical reason why a playback option should alter the notation in this way. What possible benefit could this have? If I want 3 repeats, and select the Engraving Option to count repeats with bar numbers, the bar numbers should reflect this, regardless of playback! Is this a bug, or is it a “feature”, of which the benefits to me are completely unclear!

Here you have an answer from Daniel from
The thread I was referring to:

Thanks. Hope this gets addressed someday, but I imagine it’s not super high on the priority list of feature requests.