bar numbers covering piano pedal under staff

I have a piano staff in page view that shows bar numbers 3 times: black at the beginning of the line, blue over each bar line and a mysterious grey one in a box that has a trash can and a plus sign. The one with the trash can and plus sign floats over its measure, and covers up the Pedal indications on the staff above. I can’t edit the pedal length line because that floating box is there. What are those and how to hide them? (They don’t disappear when I uncheck in View/Bar numbers/Page View.)
I searched the “help” and the forum but couldn’t find answers, probably because I don’t know what those floating bar number boxes are called.

Also, is there a visual chart somewhere showing all the things that we can see in Write Mode and labeling them? That may have helped in this case.
Thank you!

The mysterious grey thing that might turn orange is the system track, quite useful if you need to select, copy or delete whole bunch of bars. If you don’t need it, press alt-t to hide it! :wink:

Thanks so much!
Is there a graphic that could show all the things we may see on a page in different modes, with a line pointing to it and a name label? That would help a lot! I never would have thought to search for system track, so thanks so much for your answer.