Bar numbers in Galley view

Hello all,

is it possible to have the bar number in Galley view being painted behind the rest of the score? Currently they are painted above, often (partially) hiding important informations.

Moreover, is it possible to change the font heigh of the bar numbers for the Galley view?

Dear Claudio,
There have been numerous requests about this…
I personally support the one where the OP whishes system text and bar numbers to always appear at the top of the screen (no need to have bar numbers on every staff)
We don’t have any feedback from the team as far as I know, but it’s that kind of thing where I am confident we’ll be pleased with

I like the idea of having numbers only on top. Maybe the System Track should always be visible on top.

Or how about if they fade away after a second or two of screen-scrolling inactivity as a possible improvement on getting out of the way?

That’s another idea but it requires scrolling/panning a bit each time you want see them. I think that having the System Track always visible on top non only allow to quickly access the bar number, but also to interact with the score (delete bar, etc), and in the future it could have some enhancements like showing the time instead of or together with bar numbers, etc.