Bar numbers per system

Why is it not automatically creating 3 bars per system? I really dont like when the size of the notes are so different! Anything I can do only for this flow?

Kind regards

Kind regards

Put a System Break at the start of bar 7.

As to “why”, the combination of notes in bars 3-7 and Note Spacing values at Layout Options > Note Spacing are such that Dorico can fit four bars on that system, so it does. If you want Dorico to space things more widely in general, change the top value in Layout Options > Note Spacing to something greater. If you want Dorico to space things more widely in a specific place, add a Note Spacing Change from the Engrave menu and change the top value in there to something higher.

Everything Leo told you is correct (and by the way, Happy Birthday Leo, or congratulations on whatever anniversary the cake icon is celebrating, and thanks for all your valuable contributions here!)

If you really want 3 bars per system you can set that in Layout Options - Staves and Systems - Casting Off. But that would affect every flow in the layout.

I would probably set this drum pattern as three systems of four bars each, and accept some overcrowding in a system, or split it into two systems of two bars.

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