Bar Numbers Stave

Hi, is thre a way of doing this in Dorico? I want a extra stave for theBar Numbers

I’m not sure how others do this, but when I’ve needed it before I’ve just used a 1-line staff with an invisible clef, then an independent time sig so that can be hidden. Select the Layout Options to show it centered below the bottom staff (or on whatever staff you want), and set the positioning accordingly.

There may very well be a better way to do this though, but this way works at least.

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Fred - that is great, thanks a lot!

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Sorry for adding more questions to this…but how I create a 1 staff line with an Independent clef and an independent time sign? Would you mind guiding me though the process?

Fred has (IIRC) customized his copy of Dorico for this, but one could also choose a percussion instrument, make the name blank and mute or remove the sound file.

@Derrek was right, I already have a custom 1-line staff set up, but it doesn’t matter. You can do it with any 1-line percussion instrument. Here I chose Agogô simply because it was first alphabetically. Obviously you can make the name blank, I just left it to be clear what the staff was.

You can select an invisible clef which obviously won’t show. Any key or meter changes can be made independent by using Alt+Enter instead of just Enter to close the popover. Once independent, a meter can be hidden in Properties. With a percussion staff it didn’t seem to let me remove all the rests with Remove Rests so I added a whole note, hid the notehead in Engrave, then used Remove Rests on the others. Obviously you can mute the Agogô track, or simply suppress playback of that note. The number positioning can be set in Layout Options / Bar Numbers.

I think you can also create an instrument in another program that has no staff lines, import it as an XML into a new Flow and then remove the extra flow. The player with the empty staff should remain.

Great I managed to do it all. Thanks! That was a very clear explanation. The only thing I couldn’t do I make the numbers bigger (I tried to see in ENGRAVE and LAYOT but there isn’t any option to change the font or increase the size. Does any of you know?

In Layout Options / Bar Numbers you can select the paragraph styles “Bar numbers (score)” or “Bar numbers (parts)” for the numbers. (I’m assuming you’re using “Bar numbers (score)” but mentioning it just in case.) These styles can be edited in Library / Paragraph Styles so there you can configure your bar numbers to be whatever size and whatever font you want.


Grand…thanks a lot for the time taken!

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