Bar numbers under rehearsal marks

…are not showing, even though relevent option is turned on.

edit: I’m using Dorico (Mar 10 2023)

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Did you choose “Show bar numbers in every bar” also for that Solo-Layout
on the top menu ??
Better, you select all layouts and do so in one row.

An other alternative is to center the bar number which would give enough space between the rehearsal mark and the bar number like this.

You can do this from the layout option by selecting the ‘Centered on bar’ option.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I selected only flute 1 for the sake of clarity of the screenshot

I’m sorry, that’s not what I’m looking for. Bar numbers every bar and centered on the bar is more used in film scoring which I’m not currently doing.

And for those wondering if there could be some manual changes then keep in mind that I just deleted ALL the part layouts (before making this post) and manually recreated all part layouts to be sure I’ve reset any overrides.

This setting overwrites the bar numbers at the beginning of the system.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. And it would be weird…

I changed the option you were talking about and toggled “Show bar numbers at rehearsal marks” off and on again, but still nothing…

ok. For me it created this problem. Can you share a cutdown version of the dorico file?

What do you mean by that?

Create a copy of your file and delete everything unnecessary, but enough that the problem is still there. So we can work with the same settings etc.

I found out that if I have bar counts enabled under multi rests and the multi rest is in the beginning of a row, the bar number won’t show. Rehearsal marks don’t change anything. So I’m not dealing with a bug fortunately.
But is there a setting I can use to still show bar numbers above the clef even if there is a multi rest underwhich you can find for example 19-26?

In Dorico 5, yes indeed.

Oh…well, I think it’s time to consider upgrading afterall…
or trust that the musicians can handle a little mental exercise when the conductor takes the piece from bar 23, while the flute 1 has pauses bars 19-26 :smiley:

That’s what the rehearsal marks are for. The conductor says “3 bars before rehearsal 1,” etc. Easier to refer to and find than bar numbers.

I totally agree. Just would be nice to have.
In my personal experience, the more info the better. Only if the info starts to clutter the space or is not normally specified, I won’t use it.