Bar offset in sync with melodyne editor

I’ve set a template with a bar 0 to put some CCs before bar 1 starts
So in the project template, I’ve set a 1 bar display offset
Cubase sample editor time line takes this offset into account
But in melodyne editor (as ara2 extension), the time line starts at bar 1 which is my project bar 0, and it is disturbing when doing editing
I’ve not seen any setting in melodyne to adjust this display offset
So, I’m wondering if there is another way to still have room to put my CCs before bar 1 instead of creating a 1 bar display offset in the project settings
Thanks for your comments

Move the project start before the first bar?
I’m not sure, it’s possible, just an idea.
With the time displays, it’s possible.

Not sure I understand your tip.
Can you add some more detailed explanations to your idea ?

Not just Melodyne, BFD3 does the same thing in their internal editor. For both programs they always set their internal Bar 1 to be aligned with the first Bar on the Cubase Timeline. When there is no offset in Cubase then everything lines up as expected. But if you set an offset so that the Cubase Timeline starts at bar 0 then the Timelines will be off by 1 Bar - larger offsets make the mismatch worse.

I found the whole situation so annoying that I gave up. Now I use an offset of 0, but treat Bar 9 as if it were Bar 1

It was just an idea. Most of the time I work with time displays on live recordings, not bars and beats.
When you work with timecode, you can move the 0 position by changing the project start position to a value before the zero time stamp.
I tried it, unfortunately with doing this, the bars and beats change accordingly, so it doesn’t work the way you would need it.