"Bar" popover command to add/delete bars equal to length of a prior section

The current Bar popover to add new measures accepts text like +8 or +9999. This means manually counting the number of bars desired, like +18 or adding +8 then another +8 then +2 until the desired length of a new section is created. (As a musician I only know how to count to 12 sometimes, usually only up to 8)

Many times I have preferred to have an additional bar popover text of the form,
which would add the number of bars equal to section A (length of section being, the rehearsal mark [A] until the next rehearsal mark [B])

This would allow rapid editing in a situation such as in an AB form with those respective rehearsal marks, then wanting to expand to AA’B form with the cursor placed at the start of B. Currently this means scrolling back and manually counting measures and then scrolling to the new measure and typing the Bar popover text “+17” or similar.

Likewise to delete bars equal to the length of a prior section, i.e. the score has ABC rehearsal marks (for example in ABA form) and wanting to delete the bars of section B, so placing the cursor at the start of B and using,
would delete the number of bars in B section to reduce the score to sections AC (the rehearsal marks renumber themselves to be AB).

Why not select the section from A to B on the System Track, then click the plus button to create that number of bars at the end of the selection? Likewise, if you want to delete section B, select from C back to B on the System Track and then click the delete button at the left end of the selection.

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Because, popovers are used to eliminate mouse clicking.

I think the Development Team has more important features to add than to spend time on tasks largely designed to save one or two clicks for one or two folks who could easily add 100 measures and then use Trim Flow when done writing.


do you represent the development team? no? okay then.

It’s a forum, which means it’s a conversation between not only the development team, but a pretty engaged user base that represents a lot of experience in Dorico. When handled professionally, disagreement isn’t a bad thing. It’s an opportunity to see things from others’ perspective, and maybe learn along the way.

I have to agree with Derrek that this seems like a complex solution to a simple problem.


In Dorico 4, you could set the Insert mode scope to Global, activate Insert mode, and then press R to repeat the selection after itself and simultaneously shunt subsequent music back by that amount.

You can then leave the repeated material selected, deactivate Insert mode, and delete it – which should leave empty bars equal to your initial selection.

All of this is achievable without using the mouse.