Bar problem


I tried to solve this problem but no chance for the moment : I inserted a bar and then putted a 6/4 meter. But it count only 4 beats. I tried to repeat 3 times the operation, deleting the bar and re-inserting it, but still it count only 4 quarters on a 6/4 bar.
Do I miss something probably?

Thanks !

You are in fact not inserting a bar, you are only telling Dorico to subdivide the music into 6/4 until the next time signature change.

If you want to insert more time, which would allow a full 6 quarters to fit, then you need to do an operation which involves insert mode. The Shift+B bar popover would allow you to delete/insert time. Alternatively use a new functionality in 1.1, enable insert mode before creating the time signature.


With insert mode before creating time signature it worked, thanks.
Do do with Shift+B, what should I write inside the popover to have, for this exemple, a 6/4 meter? I didn’t get it…
Anyway, I would suggest that its’ quite strange to have a graphical time signature change (when we insert time signature without enabling insert mode) that doesnt’ affect the … time signature…
Thanks for your great work!!!