Bar repeat number in last bar is different

I’m not sure whether I’m missing something or this is a bug but I can’t get rid of the bracket on the number in the last bar of a bar repeat region:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-22 um 13.53.25
… despite having the proper engraving settings (I think).

Does it happen in every project or just this project? Can you share a cut-down version of the project?

OK, a little more context: I have engraving settings set to show brackets by default but overridden that setting in the bottom options panel.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-22 um 14.30.37
Attached is a very simple example project I created from scratch.
repeat_bracket.dorico (630.8 KB)

Sorry to bump this but after eleven days of no responses I deem it justified. Does anybody have any explanation for this? @dspreadbury perhaps, if you’re not too busy with anything else? :flushed:

Why are you trying to do this with an override? Turn off the override, set Engraving Options to “Without parentheses” and it works fine, unless I’m missing something here.

I completely agree that something seems buggy with this, but as there’s a perfectly usable option, why not use it?