Bar repeats issue, D4


I’ve opened a project in D4 that I created in D3.5.

It has a bar repeats region that is labelled thus:

(this is the D3 version)

When I open it in D4, it looks like this:

I’ve got all the engraving options and item properties set right as far as I can see, but they make no difference…

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Can you attach the project here, or preferably a minimal case that reproduces the problem, so we can look into it?

I imagine a gremlin may have crept in as we refactored this area of the program to support the new numbered bar regions.

I’ve had a bit more of a look, and it seems to be linked to the numbered bar regions section of the engraving options below. Are they supposed to be mutually exclusive, because the options in the Numbered bar region section don’t seem to make sense…

IE, things like the 'number every ‘x’ bars selection makes no difference. The only one that seems to do anything in the Numbered bar region section is the ‘Appearance of bar count for last bar in the region’ setting.

Here’s a demo file that I’ve set up…
Bar repeats demo.dorico (527.7 KB)

Thanks as always.


Looking at a project I opened in D4, it seems that if a bar repeat count for every x bars also happens to be the final bar of the region, it doesn’t follow the appearance of bar repeat count setting, and instead takes the setting from “Appearance of bar count for last bar in the region”.

It only applies to whether the parentheses show and not whether the number itself is visible, that setting is still honoured.

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm the problem, and we will take care of it in the first maintenance release.

Perfect! As always, wonderful support. Thanks Daniel.


I’m glad I found this - I’m using 4.0.10 and have been trying to get to grips with the settings for Numbered Bar Regions, and also couldn’t find a setting which would allow me to have all the multiples (4, 8, 12 etc.) in parentheses, and ditto the last bar in the regions, but not to show at all a number for the last bar in a system - unless it is also a multiple, in which case I want it to be parenthesised like the rest of them. The closest I can get to what I want is a setting which causes the numbers in this last category to show, but without parentheses, which doesn’t look right.
I’m looking at the dates of the previous posts on this topic, and the most recent are shown to be 23 days ago - was this after the release of 4.0.10?

No, Dorico 4.0.10 was only released last week, on 2 February (5 days ago).