Bar Repeats

Can we get a property for Bar Repeat Regions that actually repeats the music rather than draws the %?

Dorico knows what the music is - since playback works.

This is an interesting idea, which I don’t think has been suggested before. I’ll make a note of it.

I see it a lot in percussion scores, where you have a repeating ostinato figure or something similar. Basically you want the bar repeat so you can number the measures to aid counting, but still want to show the actual figure so the player can just read the part if they prefer.

Sure, the requirement to add numbers to bars is a well-known one, but I’ve not heard it expressed in the opposite way, which is that you could have an alternative appearance for a passage of bar repeats.

FWIW, I’ve definitely provided a workaround for it before (on a few occasions). Here’s my suggested method, while such a feature doesn’t exist natively: