Baritone (Brass) Transposition?


I have a problem with the transposition of the instrument Baritone (Brass):

The key signature should be with 1 flat but Dorico writes the key signature with 1 #

Thank you for any help!

You have a treble clef Bb Baritone rather than a bass clef concert pitch one.

You need to use the Euphonium and rename it.

EDIT: To clarify, the Euph is needed if you want BC in the ‘part’ as well as the score. None of the Baritone definitions will give you a BC part.


Thank you very much for the answers! In Switzerland, however, it is customary to read baritones in treble clef… (I know, it’s strange…!)

My problem is that baritone sets the wrong key. It should actually have 1 b (D minor), but it shows 1 sharp…

Now, if I take euphonium (C Bass Clef) and rename it, then the sound [with note-performer 3] is wrong, isn’t it…?

Thank you very much for your support & best wishes!

In 3.1 you may need to create a new player that does not show in the score layout, copy the music there and set the options for the part layout.
In 3.5 however, you need just a couple of clicks, thanks to the new “clef and transposition overrides” funcionality.

If I’ve understood correctly you want bass clef in the score and treble clef (an octave higher than sounding pitch?) in the part?

This is do-able fairly easily in Dorico 3.5 with the new Clef and Transposition Override feature. In earlier versions it’s possible to change octave playback by altering the expression map in Halion (not NotePerformer I don’t think) but it’s tricky and I don’t feel I can accurately advise you on doing it this way. Hopefully someone else may contribute. If I were you I’d spend the £50 (EUR 60?) and upgrade. If you write a lot for brass bands you will find the clef/transposition overrides invaluable as it makes it easy to create parts in alternative transpositions.

Suggestion: upgrade to 3.5 - this function is very useful!

Option in 3.1: use Bass Clarinet - you can choose a player in c / BC and in b / TC

Thank you very much for your all your answers and hints! I’ve upgraded to 3.5!

Great!!! Thanks especially for the GIF: Clef overrides!!

Best wishes!