Baritone Sax score and part transpositions

I am coming from Sibelius where in my concert pitch score bari sax is bass clef, sounding pitch, and the bari part is the usual Eb transposition in treble clef. Seems like the closest I can get to this is concert pitch treble clef written an octave higher than it sounds. Am I missing something?

If I’m not mistaken: when adding the baritone sax, in the third column, you should have 3 options: Treble clef, Treble clef with 8va in concert pitch, and Bass Clef (Concert) + Treble Clef (Transposed).

Is that third option what you want?

(FYI, you can change your existing bari sax to this using ‘Change instrument’ in Setup Mode)

You are right. That plus a clef change did the trick. Newbie here.

This appears not to be working in 2.1. In setup mode, using change instrument, the only bari sax options I see are: default, bass clef full score, and sounds 8va basso. I have bass clef full score set. Transposition in part is correct, but is bass clef not treble as desired. As mentioned in another thread, you aren’t yet able to set different clefs in score and part.

Using “bass clef full score”, I get this. Is this not what you want?

Thanks Leo. My bad. After seeing your example, I deleted the bass clef on the bari part in the full score. I must have added that at some point. Proper clef and transposition in the part now, although the note spellings leave something to be desired, but that is another issue.

Hi all
I’ve written a baritone saxophone part that appears in the score and in the parts on a bass clef staff, albeit it’s an octave higher in the parts (plus the transposition interval).
Reading the above, I would assume this instrument is set to the ‘Sounds 8va bassa’ setting so I’m attempting to use the Change Instrument option to switch it to the Bass Clef Full Score option as I want it on the treble staff in the parts.
I’ve repeared this a few times but the music remains on the bass staff in both score and parts, am I doing something wrong? I’m using Dorico Elements 4.1
Thanks for any help in advance!

Could it be that this file originated as MusicXML? If so, it may be that the clef at the very beginning is explicit (e.g. equivalent to one that’s been manually added), and you should be able to select and delete it.


Hi @pianoleo this is indeed another of my arrangements I started in Sibelius and imported as an XML ( I remembered the borders around rehearsal marks this time! :smiley: )

I’ll give that ago and be back soom.
Thanks so much yet again!

Yep, that worked!
@pianoleo is there anything about Dorico you don’t know?!?!?!
Thanks again, off I go to find more questions…

Hi, I have a treble clef in my full score and needs to be bass for the Bari. I looked for the clef override, but it is greyed out. How does one specify that the Bari sax should be bass clef in the full score and treble in the parts these days? Thanks.

If your full score is concert pitch: by selecting this instrument variation in the instrument picker when adding a new baritone saxophone, or changing an existing instrument into a baritone saxophone (which retains any existing music belonging to that instrument).

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Hi, Thanks,
It is a Baritone Sax instrument, but I get a treble clef in concert pitch full score.

Wait, no, that worked! Thanks!

One more question - I see lots of references on how one should make text system-attached, with some keyboard shortcuts for old versions of Dorico. Is there a menu item/specific way to do this?

Thanks again!

There’s no menu item for it, but the shortcut is Shift+Alt+X.

So, the full score looks great, the part has a treble clef, but doesn’t seem transposed. I am checking, but is there an easy way to confirm the part is transposing?
Thanks again!

For the Bari sax, now in the Bass Clef full score mode

OK, so I need a bass clef in the full score. I need a treble clef in the parts. The Bari sax is indeed transposing and looks great with a treble clef in the part. In the full score, needs a bass clef to look right. What sequence of events must occur? Is there a video for this?

ps when I change in part or full it changes it in the other one, so my current solution is to have two different projects or just temporarily change one project then go back to what look good in full score.