Baritone Sax score and part transpositions

I am coming from Sibelius where in my concert pitch score bari sax is bass clef, sounding pitch, and the bari part is the usual Eb transposition in treble clef. Seems like the closest I can get to this is concert pitch treble clef written an octave higher than it sounds. Am I missing something?

If I’m not mistaken: when adding the baritone sax, in the third column, you should have 3 options: Treble clef, Treble clef with 8va in concert pitch, and Bass Clef (Concert) + Treble Clef (Transposed).

Is that third option what you want?

(FYI, you can change your existing bari sax to this using ‘Change instrument’ in Setup Mode)

You are right. That plus a clef change did the trick. Newbie here.

This appears not to be working in 2.1. In setup mode, using change instrument, the only bari sax options I see are: default, bass clef full score, and sounds 8va basso. I have bass clef full score set. Transposition in part is correct, but is bass clef not treble as desired. As mentioned in another thread, you aren’t yet able to set different clefs in score and part.

Using “bass clef full score”, I get this. Is this not what you want?

Thanks Leo. My bad. After seeing your example, I deleted the bass clef on the bari part in the full score. I must have added that at some point. Proper clef and transposition in the part now, although the note spellings leave something to be desired, but that is another issue.