Barless music

I edit 16th century barless music. Is there a way to put in a meter designation and make it invisible without having ithe meter put in barlines and unwanted subsequent ties over barlines? Notation options-Barlines-No barlines didn’t seem to work.

If I understand you correctly, you want to put in a meter so that you get beam/beat grouping according to a time signature, but then no actual barlines? If so, unfortunately that’s not yet easily possible: it should be possible to do it by typing something like [3+2+2/8]X into the meter popover, which would create an open time signature with the specified beat grouping, but this is not yet implemented. Hopefully it will be soon.

Thanks Daniel. Pasting in a fake meter would work, but the minute I put in a meter and bars appear, then all the half notes over barlines become tied quarters, etc.

I know I’ll love the program when it evolves a little more. And I really appreciate all your communication.


As an addendum to this question, will there be a way to insert bars between the staves. So the music would be measureless, but the barlines would go between the staves every four beats. This is a common way to make the music easier to read for modern performers. Here’s an example. Thanks! And I love the program so far!
Barline Example.png

Dorico can handle this already: see the Barlines page of Engraving Options (“Single barlines between staves”, about two-thirds of the way down the page).

Thank you, Daniel. I hadn’t seen that. But I just tried it and it changes the note values when I put in the bar line. I’ve attached an example below (Barline Example 2) of the same passage in Dorico. In a case like this, the barlines should not be related to the music at all. They are put there for the convenience of modern performers so they can be more comfortable with the meterless original. I want the music to look like Barline Example 3 (below), but with barlines every four beats. So the notes would not switch to two notes tied if they crossed a barline.
Barline Example 2.png
Barline Example 3.png

We hope to be able to add an option that would not cause notes that cross barlines to be shown using ties in the future. It shouldn’t be too hard, as we can already handle it for complex tuplets crossing barlines.

That’s great! Thank you!