Barline feature request V3

While I’m sure we’d all love to be able to split and join barlines whenever and wherever we want, I wouldn’t be surprised if we will still have to wait a while for that. One lovely compromise in the meantime would be an additional option for “barline mirrors bracketing” (with a more elegant wording; to complement to “barline joins all staves”).

I frequently find myself a bit flummoxed as for best practices when working on psalms. Sometimes I have a melody with accompaniment, in which case, no problem. But if I have a melody line with SATB underneath, then things become a bit trickier. In the middle, I need the staves to not connect (to not collide with lyrics) but I would love it if at the end of the refrain, a final barline could follow the bracketing. As it is now, I can either not connect any barlines or connect them all which appears odd to my eye. Options to either follow bracketing or sub bracketing (at that barline only!) would solve this for me.


(Heck, I’d even go for an engraving option for “barline at the end of staves mirrors bracketing”.)

Romanos, am I being particularly dense or have you missed the Change Barline Joins function?

Your options are: Notation Options > Barlines > Barlines at end of each System / Flow.

That doesn’t suffice, I’m afraid. The refrain, while it “ends” the music, isn’t actually the end of the flow, as far as Dorico is concerned. There are verses that appear after the refrain. (And even then, the special option is to “join all staves” which is precisely what I’m trying to avoid.)

(To recap, I want to join some staves at the end, but not all. If I make a barline change, it affects the whole stave; I only want it to affect the barline at the end of the affected staves, hence my request to allow the final barline of chosen staves to mirror bracketing.)

By way of a workaround: what happens if you start off with independent meters applied individually to each staff, then a global one added at the end of the system? Then set the option for coincident barlines not joining in polymetric music. That might give you what you want. On the other hand, it might not - I’ve not tried it.

(I must confess, with a small chuckle, that I almost consider it a feather in my cap to have stumped you pianoleo!) :upside_down_face:

Scratch that - it doesn’t work (as you’ve presumably discovered). You’re welcome to your feather, Romanos :wink:

Sorry for reviving this old thread, but this is exactly what I am looking for at the moment.Three problems I have:

  1. I’m preparing a publication for a customer and want to have the same result as Romanos401 requested for the final barline of a system.
  2. Also my customer wants to have special barlines (e.g. repeats, double barlines) joined like the brackets, even if the normal barlines don’t join. Would love to have more options and ways for individual changes of the appearance of barlines.
  3. In one flow I need a double barline before a repeat sign at a system break and in another he only wants a single barline. Perhaps the option to write a double or single barline at a system break before a repeat could be moved to the notations options to change this for each flow individually or to have a possibility to override to global preference.

Have you recommended counseling for the customer before the customer’s demands send you to seek out a therapist? :open_mouth:

(I suppose the line tool might offer some possibilities, but it sounds like a lot of work.)