Barline only in one system


I try to write a piece in old music, 16.Century, with 5 systems (2s, 1a, 1t, 1b)
But in each system there are barlines on different positions, so I have to write these barlines for each system extra.
How can I achieve this?

Because there is no “normal” time signature , I write the piece without any informations like 3/4 or so…

Some bars are 6 half-notes long, some only 5, some 7, it differs and is not alternate.

It would be very kind of you, if I could get some hints, how to go further…

Many thanks!


If you want global barlines on all staves:

  1. Open the bar popover (shift+B)
  2. Type ‘single’
  3. Press enter

To copy it elsewhere:

  1. Make sure View -> Signposts -> Time signatures is enabled
  2. Select the red flag
  3. Hold alt(option) and click anywhere in the score.

If you want a barline in one staff only:

  1. Select a note in the staff where you want a barline
  2. Open the meter popover (shift+m)
  3. Type in X
  4. Press Alt+Enter
  5. Select the X
  6. Open the Properties panel (cmd+8 / ctrl+8)
  7. Check ‘Hide time signature’

You can copy it using the same method as above.

This wonderful tutorial may also interest you.

Thank you for your quick response! :slight_smile:
But there is a nr. 8 : I had to activate the “None” in the right grid there, then the “x” is not to see.

Thanks a lot!


Well, you can choose. Either hide the time signature (then you need to switch on the property and tick the little checkbox) or choose none from the Open style property.
Just in case you don’t know: once you have created one of these individual barlines you can just select the signpost above and alt-click it elsewhere. Beautifully quick!

Daniel, I experimented with this a bit and I found out that we can create individual barlines that appear in one staff only with the pop-over and alt-enter, just like individual time signatures. But this works only if there is an individual time signature someplace before in this particular staff. Could individual barlines be allowed right from the start?