barline popover

Hi, I’ve discovered the following behaviour:
I have a piece in 2/4. When I select a note at any position in the bar, open the barline popover (Shift + B) and enter +1, rests in the lenght of a bar will be added.
When I select any note, and write -1 in the popover, only the rest of the bar will be deleted.
I would assume the same behaviour as adding a bar (= deleting everything in the lenght of a bar)?!? What’s the reason for the difference?


I think using the popover works best when selecting a barline and not a note. I always select barlines rather than notes and get expected, consistent results. If you desire added measures before the first measure, select the first note (or bar rest) before engaging the popover.

Thank you, musicmaven, that’s what I normally do. But playing around with the popover I discovered this different behaviour, when using + or -. So I was wondering whether there is a reason for this.

I see what you mean… using the + appears to be an “insert” way of adding the duration of the measure(s) before the selected note. Using the - seems to erase the selected note! Seems inconsistent, however the behavior with the + could be handy but one would think it should work in both directions (i.e. with the -)! Perhaps someone on the Dorico team could elaborate…

Deleting bars using the Shift+B popover does not yet work exactly as it should. I suspect there is a good reason for the difference in behaviour as things stand, but I don’t think it’s especially helpful and I would expect it to change when we return to do more work in this area.