Barlines disappeared from full score

Hi all,

I’ve seen a few similar topics to this but none seem to cover this particular problem of mine. For some reason the barlines on some instruments on the full score have disappeared and I cant find a way of putting them back in (attached screenshot example for Tom Tom, Xylophone and Glocks). They are still there on the individual parts though…

Does anyone know why this could be, and how I can put them back?


Welcome to the forum, @brewick. If you make sure signposts are visible by switching off View > Signposts > Hide Signposts, do you see any signposts appearing anywhere in the percussion staves? My guess is that you have some hidden time signatures somewhere specific to the percussion staves that are causing the barlines to be hidden.

It will be easier for us to diagnose if you can attach your project here. Please see this thread:

Hi, thanks very much for your message - I unhid the barline signposts and saw some red flag saying something like (q, 1+1+1) - I deleted that then found this weird bracket (attached screenshot) which I deleted…now it’s fine! Tried to upload the Dorico file but couldnt get it under 4MB…Anyways, all sorted now - thanks again for your help!!